Costs for Residential Waste Services

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Waste Collection

A waste collection service is provided to all residential properties and some commercial properties.

Residential properties are serviced with a kerbside collection consisting of a Weekly Garbage and fortnightly Recycling and Garden Waste collections.

Your rates include the cost of the bin package and two hard waste collections each year. These fees are shown on your rates notice.

You can order additional bins if the ones you have are not enough to manage your waste. The cost of these bins is added to your rates notice.

Household package
Annual rates fee
120 litre Garbage Bin
Recycling Bin
Garden Waste Bin
80 litre Garbage Bin
Recycling Bin
Garden Waste Bin
120 litre Garbage Bin
Recycling Bin
80 litre Garbage Bin
Recycling Bin

Your household can have a maximum of two bins of each type (for example, two recycling bins).

  • Additional Garbage - $204
  • Additional Recycling Bin -  $0
  • Additional Garden Bin - $72

You can find out information about your next scheduled waste collection is using our What's near me web form. Simply enter your address and click Search.
This form will tell you the next date of collection for each of the three kerbside collection services (General waste, Recycling & Garden).

Your Recycling and Waste Guide (2mb) is delivered each year. It contains the schedule for your kerbside collections and has lots of handy hints and information to help you use the services and reduce your waste.

Council provides a Hard waste collection see the Hard waste page for information on how to use this service.

Commercial properties can request a kerbside collection of garbage and recycling, however for eligibility of this service, please refer to the Commercial Waste page for further information. 

There are education officers within the Waste and Recycling Department that can assist with enquiries on how to reduce your waste at home or work, see the Waste Education page or Contact Council for information. 

To encourage the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle philosopy our team get involved with a number of Council events throughout the year.

If you are looking for an opportunity to see a range of child and environmentally friendly products, why not visit our Annual Green Kids Expo (formerly Cloth Nappy Expo).