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How to arrange your rubbish What we can and can't collect Book a hard rubbish collection Report a missed collection Report dumped rubbish on your pile

How to arrange your rubbish

To make sure your hard rubbish is collected:

  • arrange all items into 4 piles (garden waste, mattresses, steel/metal, general)
  • have a maximum of 3 cubic metres (m3) of acceptable rubbish
  • only include items that can safely be lifted by 2 people (maximum of 30kg).
  • have no item longer than 1.5m

What we can collect


Mattresses and bases (up to 6)

car tyres

Car tyres (up to 4)


Electrical appliances

branches tied together

Garden waste (up to 5 tied bundles)

white goods

White goods and scrap metal (please remove the doors or tape them shut)


E waste: TVs, stereos and computers

Other items we can collect

If possible, try and donate items in good condition to a charity or find a recycling centre near you. We also have a list of other places you can dispose of certain unwanted items.

  • empty paint tins (lids removed)
  • timber (maximum of 12 pieces)
  • household furniture (including beds, couches, tables, chairs, drawers outdoor furniture etc.)
  • toys, crockery and household items
  • carpet/underlay (up to 3 rolls)
  • baby seats and capsules with straps removed
  • mirrors/windows (securely wrapped in cardboard and marked "Glass")

What we can't collect

 gas bottle with red cross
 Gas bottles

Car battery with red cross


 brick with red cross

Soil, rubble, concrete or bricks

filled garbage bag with red cross

Household waste

Other items we can't collect

We will not collect the following items as part of your hard rubbish collection. Find out where else you can dispose of them.

  • garden waste in plastic bags
  • renovation and building materials or pallets
  • plasterboard, fibreboard (MDF), cupboard and bench materials
  • fence panels or fencing timber
  • fire extinguishers
  • coil springs
  • car bodies
  • barbed wire
  • chemicals or empty containers
  • asbestos sheeting or products
  • unwrapped or broken glass
  • paint

Book a hard rubbish collection

Book Online

If you are unable to book online, please contact WM Waste Management Services on 9729 9100.

Sometimes the phone lines can be busy. To avoid being placed on hold, we recommend you book online.

Casey residents can book up to 2 collections per property each calendar year. To find out how many collections you have left, please contact WM Waste Management Services on 9729 9100.

What happens next?

  • We will send you an SMS the Friday before your collection week. This is to remind you that we will collect your rubbish in the coming week.
  • Place your rubbish on your nature strip the Sunday before your collection week. We recommend you take a photo of your rubbish pile, in case you have any issues with dumped rubbish or missed collections.

  • Arrange your rubbish into 4 piles (garden waste, mattresses, steel/metal and general hard waste).

Change or cancel your booking

You can cancel your hard rubbish collection booking up until the Friday before your collection week. To cancel your booking, please contact WM Waste Management Services on 9729 9100.

Report a missed collection

If your rubbish has not been collected by Friday 3:00 pm of your collection week, please contact us.

Report dumped rubbish on your pile

If you believe someone has dumped their waste on your existing hard rubbish pile, you should report it to us as soon as possible. The earlier you make a report, the more likely we can arrange to have your rubbish picked up at the scheduled time.

To make a report, please contact us with the following details:

  • your name and contact details
  • the address where your hard rubbish pile is located
  • any photos of your hard rubbish pile when you first put it out for collection

What happens next?

  • If you report the issue before your scheduled collection date, we will try and ensure all your rubbish is collected as per usual.

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