Garden waste collection service

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When is my next collection?

To check when your next scheduled waste collections are; type your address into the What's near me web form and click search.

Your garden waste bin will be collected on the same day as your garbage bin and on the alternate week to your recycling bin.

All garden waste is processed into compost products.

How does it work?

A 240 litre mobile garbage bin has been supplied to all residents. The bin is maroon with a green lid to easily distinguish it from other bins. Your garden waste bin is collected on the same day as your garbage bin and on the alternate week to your recycling bin.

What is collected?

Council’s Garden Waste collection will cater for garden refuse including prunings, weeds, grass cuttings, leaves, bark and branches up to 75mm in diameter and 75cm in length.

Correct use of the garden waste bin

No dirt, soil, kitchen scraps, treated pine, plastic bags, logs, stumps or rocks can go in the garden waste bin. Shake material before placing in the bin to remove any excess dirt.

The weight limit for the garden waste bin is 80kg. Remember that fresh lawn clippings can be very damp and may add more weight to your bin than you would think.

Fill the bin as close to collection day as possible to avoid material compacting in the bin and making it difficult to completely empty.

What happens to the collected material?

All material is recycled at an organic recycling facility.

Who is the service for?

The service is available to all residential properties in the City of Casey, however, properties under 400 square metres and over 5 acres may choose not to use the service. Garden waste will no longer be collected in the garbage bin. The service is not available to commercial or industrial properties.