Water Quality

The City of Casey is responsible for the management of local drains from roads and properties that feed into regional drains, rivers and creeks.

Understanding stormwater

Every year, a large volume of water enters our waterways and creeks through stormwater drains, making it crucial that the quality of stormwater is managed. Council developed a Stormwater Management Plan to assist with the protection and management of Council's waterways.

Stormwater is not treated in a sewerage treatment plant. Rainwater that flows across hard surfaces is channeled via the stormwater system to our local waterways, picking up pollutants on its way. Stormwater contains pollutants such as heavy metals, nutrients and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). These pollutants have a negative impact on our waterways.

Key source

The following is a list of sources that generate the most risks to Casey's waterways:

  • Residential land use
  • Industrial land use
  • Commercial land use
  • Major roads
  • Land development
  • Building sites
  • Unsealed roads
  • Rural agricultural activities

How is Council protecting our waterways and creeks?

  • Promote and build water sensitive urban design (WSUD) in new developments and incorporate WSUD in Council projects. WSUD improves the quality of water in recieving stream.
  • Ensure street sweeping practices are in place so litter does not end up in our waterways.
  • Install gross pollutant traps (GPT) in areas to stop litter, oil and sediments from reducing the water quality in local bays. Council has programmed monitoring in place for maintaining litter traps, ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Monitor developers, audit buildings and check EMP's of construction sites to guarantee measures are in place to prevent mud, silt and construction materials washing offsite into stormwater drains.
  • Install filtration systems and treat pavement around the municipality to prevent sediments entering waterways from unsealed roads.
  • Maintain nature strips, and implement vegetation management and weed management programs which can help protect stormwater quality.

For more information please contact the City of Casey Environment Department on 9705 5200.