Water Conservation at Casey

The City of Casey is committed to providing better and improved water management for the municipality. The changing climate and population growth constantly puts emphasis on Council's need for better resource management, to ensure sustainable water supply and the protection, and restoration of waterways and bays.

Council has been fulfilling its water management targets through various management plans which can be found in our Environmental Plans and Strategies section of our website.

Council's Water Conservation

Sustainable Water Plan facilitates the reduction of high quality potable/drinking water usage in the municipality. The City of Casey has been considering a range of alternative sources of water such as rainwater, stormwater, greywater and recycled water for fit-for purpose uses which consequently reduces the consumption of high quality drinking water.

Here are some actions Council has taken to conserve water:

  • Installation of rainwater tanks for gardening and toilet usage in all of Councils recreational facilities and most of its kindergartens and community centres
  • Conducting audits on facilities such as Council leisure centres and installaing water recycling systems, such as a backwash system, to reduce water consumption
  • Upgrading to water efficient appliances in facilities
  • Identifying alternative water use for watering recreational facilities such as Casey Fields where Council is using 60ML of Class - a reclaim water supplied by Eastern Irrigation Scheme.
  • Rainwater tanks have been installed at Council tennis courts. New Council tennis facilities will no longer use the en-tout-cas (red porous) court, instead the red porous court will slowly be replaced with synthetic grass or synthetic clay.
  • Promoting the use of drought tolerant warm season grasses in Council recreational facilities
  • Trialling and investigating opportunities of using turf and synthetic covers in its sporting fields to reduce moisture loss and irrigation requirements
  • Council is involved in three stormwater harvesting projects. The irrigation scheme treats approximately a total of 66 ML of water yearly to irrigate Council's sporting fields.