Environmental groups help protect and enhance our bushland areas and natural assets such as creeks. Without them, threats such as weeds would take over our bushland, out compete native plants and destroy the essential habitat needed for wildlife to thrive.

The City of Casey supports many Friends and Landcare groups to help undertake this work by providing training, advice, equipment and support.

Friends Groups are dedicated local residents interested in helping to conserve a particular reserve, or a species of native plant or animal. This includes scenic, historic, cultural, and nature reserves and many different types of flora and fauna. They operate in conjunction with the relevant management authority, usually Parks Victoria, City of Casey Council, or organisations such as Trust for Nature.

Landcare groups differ from Friends Groups as they take action to improve natural resources management practices on private property and within the district.

Both Friends and Landcare Groups participate in a wide range of activities such as species protection, weeding and fuel load reduction, improving public accessibility to recreation facilities, mapping, applying for grants for projects which encourages partnerships, flora and fauna surveys, revegetation, plant propagation, and education and training.

No matter what skills and experience, there is a role for everyone in an Environment group. So if you would like to be part of one of these amazing teams, there is no better time to get started!

Click here for further information on Friends Groups in the City of Casey.

For more information contact the Environment Department on 9705 5200.