Weed management

Weeds are a problem in Casey. A weed is a plant that flourishes in an area that it is not native to, and which impacts on the function or integrity of a vegetation community.

Weeds can be spread in many ways including by vehicle traffic, pedestrian movement, horses, dumping of garden waste and by fauna particularly Foxes and Birds.

Introduced plants with attractive berries, seeds easily dispersed by wind or water and those that grow readily from cutting can become weeds and spread readily through bushland reserves and along creek corridors.

Once established, weeds reduce indigenous plants capacity to regenerate and reduce native animal’s habitat. Weed infestations may also become habitat for pest animals such as Rabbits and Foxes.

Under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CALP Act) administered by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries some weeds are declared as noxious and landholders have obligations under the Act to remove weeds.

Weed Identification Guide

The weed identification guide has been produced through the combined efforts of the City of Casey, Cardinia Shire Council and the City of Greater Dandenong.

This booklet assists with the identification of 90 of the worst environmental and agricultural weeds over the three Councils by providing coloured pictures of each species as well as information and control methods.

Download the City of Casey Weed Identification Guide (2mb)

For more information please contact the City of Casey Environment Department on 9705 5200.