Alternative Water Sources

Understanding what alternative water sources are available can help reduce the demand on potable (high quality) drinking water.

There are different levels of water quality and different uses require different water quality levels. To reduce the demand on potable water Council and the Victorian State Government are developing an integrated water management strategy.

Potable or high quality water is required for drinking, cooking, shower, bath and laundry.

Grey water is water that has been used for showering or laundry. Under certain circumstances it can be used for gardens.

Black water is from the kitchen sink and toilets. It goes to the sewer system, a septic tank or onsite treatment.

Recycled water is produced by water authorities. There are various types of recycled water with Class A been the most common. Class A recycled water is connected to new residential estates through a purple pipe, and can be used in the garden, toilets and for other irrigational purposes.

Stormwater captured from roofs and drains, with treatment, can be used to water sports fields.

More information on alternative water sources can be found on the following websites:

Rainwater tanks

By installing a rainwater tan, you have access to an additional source of water, reducing the need to use mains water.

Water collected in rainwater tanks is suitable for a variety of domestic and industrial uses, such as garden irrigation, toilet flushing and processing. After purchasing the infrastructure such as the tank, piping and pump the water itself is free.

Prices of rainwater tanks vary according to size, make, installation, additional fittings and suppliers. With the cost of water likely to increase, installing a water tank to capture rainwater is a good long term financial investment.

Rebates may be available from South East Water.

There are few building regulations for rainwater tanks and in most circumstances you do not need a building permit. Visit the City of Casey Building Department website page to learn more or contact the City of Casey on 9705 5200.