Growing a Green Web Program

The Growing a Green Web Program is funded and administrated by the City of Casey. The program aims to link corridors of indigenous vegetation to form a ‘green’ network across the City of Casey – an area of 395 km2.

The program involves all levels of the community in the rehabilitation of indigenous vegetation. As part of the program, Casey schools and community groups have planted over 250,000 plants around the municipality.

Local community participation is integral to the success of the Growing a Green Web program and provides great scope for extending the ‘green web’ into the numerous rivers, creeks, drainage basins, roadsides and recreation reserves within the City of Casey.

Activities include seed collection, revegetation, weed control, plant propagation, waste collection and environmental training days are all part of the City of Casey’s Growing a ‘Green Web’ program.

Planting season generally runs from May - October each year. If your school or community group want to be involved, then contact the City of Casey Environment Department on 9705 5200.