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How can you make your Christmas greener?

“Tis the season” to help ensure as much as possible is sent for recycling rather than just put into the garbage bin. There are many ways to ensure you can help the City of Casey with the fantastic recycling level we have all achieved.

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Green Events

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Casey ARC LED Lighting Upgrade

Casey ARC has recently received a lighting upgrade in the pool hall and fitness centre as a part of City of Casey’s Buildings Improvement Program.

The LED lighting upgrade has enhanced lighting substantially providing two lighting levels over the 50m pool, meeting the Australian standard for both recreational and competition swimming. The lights also operate with a daylight sensor so that they only operate when natural light is inadequate.

LED panels have been introduced in the gym, recreation and cycle rooms, significantly improving light quality whilst halving the energy previously required. The upgrades will see significant reductions in running costs and greenhouse gas savings. Council expects to save in excess of $13,000 and 80 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually. The longevity of the LED technology also ensures that these savings will continue to be realised for in excess of 12 years.

To find out more about how Casey is saving energy through lighting upgrades, visit the Energy Efficient Street Lighting Project webpage.

Water saving tips for summer.

On average, each household uses around 147 litres of water per day, or 53,000 litres a year.  With Summer on our doorstep it’s definitely time to consider ways to use water wisely, and South East Water has some handy tips on using water in our homes and gardens this summer.


Waste and Recycling

Australia’s first paint recycling scheme for everyone.

The first national paint waste and packaging scheme is up and running. The scheme offers trade and household painters a safe, reliable and environmentally-safe process to deal with unused paint and associated products. The new scheme, operated by PaintBack Ltd, will aim to offer a collection service to 85% of the population within five years, and with a collection point in Hampton Park and Dandenong, it is easy and convenient for Casey residents.

PaintBack accepts 100 litres per visit, in containers of 20litres or less. PaintBack will transport the paint from the collection point where the packaging and liquid is separated. The containers are recycled and the water separated from the paint and recycled and the solvent is used as an energy source, reducing waste to landfill.

For more information on acceptable materials and quantities visit the PaintBack website. To find out how to dispose of other household items, visit the Where can I dispose of? webpage.


Natural Resources

Melbourne Water River Health Incentive Awards

This year the City of Casey is proud and excited to receive the Melbourne Water River Health Incentive Award for delivery of  the ‘Plant Your Roots” program.

In the 21 years of the River Health Incentives Program (RHIP), RHIP has worked with 38 councils, over 230 Friends Groups and over 4,300 individual land holders to facilitate over 12,000 projects to help improve and clean up Melbourne Water ways.

For more information visit the Melbourne Water website.

Building Community Awareness through Interpretive Signage

The City of Casey’s bushland reserves provide an array of exciting and varying environmental experiences. Home to a large number of flora and fauna, each reserve plays a critical role in ensuring the environmental connectivity of the municipality. A series of signage has been designed and is being installed with the aim of increasing environmental and habitat awareness.  The importance of these sites as a rich natural resource is being communicated through the use of narrative, visuals and information.  Keep an eye out for new installations over the next few months in Jessie Trail - Harkaway, Colley Street Reserve – Pearcedale, Casuarina Forest Nature Reserve, Essex Park Nature Reserve and Police Paddocks – Endeavour Hills.

The interpretative signage is fast becoming an informative feature of many of the City of Casey nature reserves with more signs being installed yearly.  For more information on the City of Casey Nature Reserves visit the Nature Reserves webpage.



City of Casey Heritage Strategy 2016

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Melbourne, the City of Casey faces a significant challenge trying to protect and integrate the most valued parts of our local heritage into a rapidly developing area.

Throughout the year, Casey has been encouraging people to have their say about how Council should respond to and manage our local heritage, and we have received some great feedback so far.

We are using the feedback we’ve received to help us prepare a new Heritage Strategy 2016. This Strategy will guide how Council researches, protects and supports our heritage assets and how we can better educate the community on our history.

It is expected that the draft Strategy will be completed in late 2016 or early 2017, and we will then be seeking your feedback once more.

For future updates, visit the Heritage Strategy webpage.


Community Groups and Schools

Lynbrook Kindergarten – Wetland Wonders

This year the students in Room 2 at Lynbrook Kindergarten were inspired by one of their own to take a closer look at the state of their neighbouring wetland. The students started going for walks and became very aware of the amount of litter that was being thrown into the wetlands. They decided to take it upon themselves to do something about it and now take regular walks through the wetlands with waders and gloves on and clean up bags in hand, to clean up the rubbish.

The students decided that other people need to understand what happens to the wetlands if you litter and are designing signage they hope will be made into permanent signs along the walk ways. In addition to this, they are writing a book which will be published and shared with future students at their own and other Kindergartens, to tell their story and inspire them to take action as well.

This is a great example of ‘Think Global, Act Local’ that has inspired the other students and educators at Lynbrook Kindergarten to take notice of their surroundings and clean up litter as they go.


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