Your Sustainable Garden

Gardening mindfully

A sustainable garden enhances the natural environment

Gardening is about creating a beautiful and interesting space that we can enjoy with our family and friends. It’s easy to garden sustainably for the health and well-being of our family and the environment.

To create a sustainable garden you need to incorporate all or at least some of the following elements:

  • Plant indigenous plants that are naturally adapted to your local soil and climate. Many native birds, reptiles, frogs, mammals and insects rely on these plants for food and shelter and will be attracted to an indigenous plant garden.
  • Avoid plants that are known invasive species in our bushland and wetlands. These garden escapees have the potential to smother and  out-compete indigenous plants resulting in a loss of biodiversity in our nature reserves.
  • Regardless of water restrictions, practise water conservation in the garden to have a positive impact on water levels in our reservoirs. Avoid using synthetic fertilisers and pesticides that can harm beneficial insects in our garden and potentially leach into our waterways resulting in nutrient blooms or an excess of aquatic weeds.
  • Purchase garden products made from recycled or renewable resources. Buying recycled products reduces the amount of raw materials extracted and energy used compared to making new products.
  • Grow your own fresh, delicious produce and reduce food miles!

Garden design and plant selection vary tremendously depending on individual taste and lifestyle.

The Your Sustainable Garden booklet provides general sustainable gardening information applicable to any garden. It will provide you with local information and inspiration to create a beautiful garden that respects your local environment.

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Local public gardens in the City of Casey

Get inspired by visiting the following local gardens in the City of Casey:

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