Sustainable Home Audit Kit

The Sustainable Home Audit Kit is available for loan from the Casey-Cardinia Library. 

The kit contains four items:

Power-Mate Lite (PML):

The PML meter reveals appliance running cost, energy use and greenhouse gas generation, providing estimated hourly, quarterly and yearly figures. How much power are appliances on stand-by using and what is the cost?

Water-flow measuring cup:

The water-flow measuring cup can be placed under a tap to measure the water flow rate. Water inefficient taps can run at a flow rate of between 15 and 22 litres of water per minute, while water efficient taps use less than 9 litres per minute. Higher flow rates are appropriate for some appliances, such as washing machines.

Energy saving thermometer:

The energy saving thermometer tells you the appropriate operating temperature for heating, hot water service, fridge, freezer and air-conditioning. The information can be used to adjust appliances to the most energy-efficient temperature.

Non-contact thermometer:

The non-contact thermometer measures the temperature of any surface that cannot be easily or safely reached, like high ceilings and electrified surfaces. It is portable, quick, has laser targeting and a wide temperature range.

Further information

For loan information, including library branch addresses and opening times, visit: Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation.

For general information about the kits, contact the City of Casey Environment Department on 9705 5200.