Energy Conservation at Casey

What is the City of Casey doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The City of Casey has been identifying ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced through Council operations. In 2002 Council adopted a Greenhouse Strategy Local Action Plan. In 2012 this was replaced with an Emissions Management Plan and Council agreed to a staged approach to reduce emissions with targets.

Stage 1:
Reduce Council's greenhouse gas emissions back to the 2009/10 baseline with low cost actions already identified and underway.

A maximum of 31,900 tonnes CO2eq emitted per annum by 2014/15.

Stage 2:
A 15% reduction in emissions from the 2009/10 baseline by 2016/17. This would be achieved through streetlight changeover and additional efficiency actions on buildings and fleet. All actions are cost positive (with varying payback periods) resulting in a decrease in emissions of 4,785 tonnes of C) 2eq per annum.

A maximum of 27,100 CO2eq emitted per annum by 2016.17.

By working to reduce the amount of energy it uses, Council will reduce costs and lower its greenhouse gas emissions. 

For more information, download the Casey City Council: Greenhouse gas emissions management plan (1mb)

The City of Casey works with Planet Footprint to monitor the amount of energy it uses based on billing data. The Planet Footprint system allows Council officers to measure how much energy each facility uses and how this use is changing over time. The system also records how much fuel the Casey fleet is using and how much water is used in Council buildings and facilities.
Council has completed environmental audits of the 10 highest consuming facilities in the municipality, which has helped to identify the actions to reduce the amount of energy Council uses. Council is progressively retrofitting buildings to improve their energy performance. Council is also ensuring good energy saving designs are incorporated into new buildings.
Electricity for street lights is one of the largest areas of energy use in Casey and is a common issue throughout Australia. Councils have little control over the technologies used in street lighting as the infrastructure is owned by the electricity distribution companies and there are high upfront costs associated with switching to more energy efficient street lights. The City of Casey is preparing a feasibility study into a bulk changeover to energy efficient street lighting, as part of the Emissions Management Plan.

For more information please contact the City of Casey Environment Department on 9705 5200.