Casey's Natural Environment

Casey's Natural Environment

Casey is home to magnificent coastlines, an array of wildlife and beautiful nature reserves.

Fire and the environment

Fire is a natural and important part of the Australian environment.

Indigenous plants

Learn the benefits of growing indigenous plants in your garden.

Weed management

Learn more about how to best control weeds in the City of Casey.

Living with wildlife

Living with wildlife

Learn about how to attract wildlife to your area and where to go for emergency wildlife servces.

Casey's Coast

The City of Casey has four coastal villages - Warneet, Cannon's Creek, Tooradin and Blind Bight.

Casey Vegetation Offset Scheme

The Casey Vegetation Offset Scheme aims to keep vegetation offsets within City of Casey boundaries.

Nature Reserves

The City of Casey’s nature reserves provide an array of exciting and varying environmental experiences.

Western Port Pest Plant and Animal Control

Find out more on Casey's pest plant and animal control program happening around the coast.

Indian Myna management

The Indian Myna is one of the most invasive pest species in the world. In response to the threat it poses to native animals and biodiversity, the City of Casey has examined options for the control and management of the Indian Myna.

Swooping birds

Swooping birds

Some birds will swoop on people, animals, and even objects to protect their nests during breeding season. Information and advice on managing the problem is provided here.