Upcoming Council Business

The list below provides an indication of reports which are planned for consideration by future council meetings. This list is indicative only and will vary from final agendas.

Council Meeting 9 November 2017

  • Casey Cardinia region Quarterly Report
  • Local Traffic Management Scheme Isolated Area - Settlers Run Golf Estate Botanic Ridge
  • Local Traffic Management Isolated Scheme- Joseph Banks Crescent
  • Road Safety - Trucks in Cranbourne
  • Local Traffic Management Isolated Scheme - Melville Park Drive Berwick
  • Amstel Golf Club Development Plan
  • Sustainability Plan Annual Action Statement 2016-2017
  • New Community Local Law
  • Casey Association Football (Soccer) Reference Advisory Committee Minutes
  • Grants Policy Endorsement
  • Advocacy Campaign - Transport Priorities
  • Casey China Engagement Strategy Update
  • Arthur Wren Hall
  • CT000359 Sealing of Immunisation Contract
  • Contract Acceptance and Sealing Contract No CT000348
  • Council Tender Report for Contract CT000365

Council Meeting 13 November 2017

  • Election of Mayor and Council Delegates