Local Government Performance Reporting: Casey’s results

The State Government's Know Your Council website compares the performance of Victorian Councils against a series of indicators.

The 2016/17 information shows that Casey made strong improvements across a range of areas and that Councils delivers many high-quality and cost-effective services. Council’s performance highlights include:

  • Council provides one of the most reliable and low-cost waste collection services in the state and diverts more than 52% of all rubbish from landfill.
  • Council is a top performer when it comes to food safety, being quick to action food complaints and stringent in completing food safety assessments.
  • Council made just 2.6% of decisions in closed Council, down from 23% and 37% in previous years, demonstrating Councils commitment and emphasis on being more transparent.
  • Council maintains sealed local roads well, resulting in a lower rate of requests from residents regarding roads and high community satisfaction in comparison to the state average.
  • Council achieved a significant increase in participation in Maternal and Child Health services by Aboriginal children after improving accessibility to the service.

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