Litter Policy

Responsible Department - Waste & Recycling


This policy guides the management and prevention of litter in the City of Casey.


Litter management issues covered by this policy include:

  1. Services provided to manage litter such as litter bin infrastructure and collection
  2. Dumped or fugitive waste on parks, reserves, council land and local roads
  3. Dumped waste on nature strips
  4. Building waste and litter in sporting grounds

The goal is to maintain the environment and minimise the impact of litter so that residents can enjoy a clean and pleasant neighbourhood. In a growth area such as City of Casey, maintaining the appearance of shopping strips, sporting grounds, parks, reserves and building sites, is a priority to ensure residents can take pride in their community. Litter management is also necessary to protect the integrity of the local environment.

 Litter Management Policy (161kb)