Community Development Principles

Responsible Department - Community Strengthening

 Community Development Principles (48kb)


The Principles provide a framework for Council to use in its everyday practices to ensure individuals, communities and networks are connected with one another.


These principles have been developed for use by Council as a whole (Councillors, staff and volunteers) to provide guidance to its approach in working with Casey’s communities.  They also provide leadership in community development practice to the wider community as a public policy of Council.


Ever heard the term community development and thought "What exactly does that mean"?

Extensive research and consultation about community development was conducted and the result is the development and adoption of the Community Development Principles (CD Principles) by Council.

The CD Principles provide a definition of community development and the underlying principles of community development processes and practice in the City of Casey, along with aims and objectives.  It is envisaged this will develop a shared understanding of terminology with regards to community development across Council and a guide to assist all Departments of Council to reflect community development principles in everyday work practice.

For further information, please contact the Team Leader Community Support.