Springfield, Ohio, USA

History & aim of the sister city relationship

The City of Casey's link with Springfield was established by the former City of Berwick in 1985. The sister city connection between Casey and Springfield was initially based on commerce with both cities being a manufacturing location for International Harvester. Since then a strong and continually growing relationship has developed.

In 2005, Casey and Springfield formally declared to cooperate in the spheres of sports and culture to contribute to global friendships, goodwill and understanding.

About Springfield

Located in the State of Ohio, Springfield is the definition of an “All-American City”. It is a city of constant change, abounding with energy and a fountain of hope in industrial heartland of America. It includes a rich history, exciting sports and recreation, bustlingcommercial districts, outstanding cultural attractions, nationally recognized educational institutions, and comfortable housing. Springfield prospers as an excellent businesslocation and downtown Springfield boasts many significant and historic buildings.

Sister city activities

Numerous sporting and cultural exchanges have previously occurred between Casey and Springfield, including reciprocal visits between the sister cities via the Edwin Flack Games and Connolly Games. These sister city exchanges have given communities the opportunity to learn, understand and accept other cultures from around the world, participate in a range of sporting disciplines and promote civic pride in a healthy environment.

Community members in Springfield and Casey have participated in photographic exchanges and exhibitions where residents have shared with their sister city, photos that represent the culture, lifestyle and environment of their city and so foster communication and understanding across global borders.