Friendship and Sister city Relationships

A friendship or sister city relationship is a link between people, groups, communities or cities in different parts of the world or with different cultures.

In general, sister cities aim to encourage international friendship, global cooperation and cultural understanding between people to promote peace and reduce conflict. Sister cities and friendship links are founded on the belief that the process of connecting people with people and forming cultural friendships is the first step towards this aim.

Through formal ties between local governments, sister cities encourage the on-going exchange of people, ideas and resources in a variety of cultural, educational, sporting and economic activities. These activities are for the mutual benefit of the cities, communities and people involved.

The sister city movement, as a worldwide concept, became prominent shortly after World War II. National sister cities efforts were independently started on many different continents, but all had the same goal; to help develop enduring networks of communication between the cities of the world to cut across boundaries and reduce the likelihood of polarisation and conflict among nations.

The City of Casey has fostered sister city and friendship relationships over a number of years. These global friendships aim to provide a forum for cultural, economic and educational interchange between communities and to encourage global friendship, cultural awareness, goodwill and harmony.

These formal alliances between communities from different cultures are the basis of a wide variety of activities and programs.
The City of Casey has sister city and friendship city relationships that have been formalised by agreement and are on a Mayor to Mayor basis. The City of Casey has worked in co-operation with community members to identify common principles that underpin all sister city activities:

  • Goodwill, harmony and increased tolerance
  • Friendship and understanding
  • Cultural awareness and appreciation
  • Breaking down barriers and building links
  • Humanitarian support

The City of Casey has global friendships with:                                                         

Ioannina, Greece

In 1998, a friendship link between Ioannina, Greece and the City of Casey was established, this lapsed in 2008.