Crime Prevention advice should you vacate your residence

This information is provided by the Victoria Police to assist you with Crime Prevention advice should you vacate your residence. The most obvious tip is to ensure your residence and external buildings are securely locked.

The following list may help you identify items requiring attention.

  • Maintain a lived in appearance - leave blinds and curtains as you normally would if at home
  • Mailbox - lock secure your mailbox and arrange for it to be cleared daily or ask the Post Office to hold your mail
  • Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places, such as under door mats or in meter boxes
  • Lock away ladders or any tools that may assist a break-in
  • Turn the volume down on telephones and answering machines
  • Consider automatic timing devices that turn electrical appliances and lights on and off at selected times
  • House numbers should be clearly visible from the street
  • Consider external sensor lighting
  • Maintain or arrange upkeep of lawns and gardens
  • Make your home visible from the street, keep bushes clear of windows
  • Break-ins can occur through the roof, so attach hinges and a sliding bolt to your manhole.
  • Alarms - seek professional advice
  • Identification: compile a list of valuables, including make, model and serial numbers (remember the shed and garage). Use your driver licence number prefixed with the letter V (for Victoria). If the item is too valuable unique, photograph it or mark it with an ultra violet pen.
  • Report suspicious activity to 000 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000

For further advice, contact the Region 5 Division 2 Crime Prevention Officer Leading Senior Constable Eddy MacDonald at the Victoria Police on 0408 303 066.