Methane risk reducing at Stevensons Road closed landfill

MEDIA RELEASE: 29 October 2008

Casey Chief Executive Officer Mike Tyler says the extensive ongoing mitigation works being undertaken by the City of Casey over the past 18 months are having a positive impact on reducing the risk of methane for residents in the neighbouring estate of the Stevensons Road closed landfill.

‘The latest monitoring data from service pits and ground bores in the estate are showing that levels of methane are reducing over time’, said Mr Tyler.

‘Data from the in-home monitoring program is also showing that methane is not building up in homes. In fact, more than 95 per cent of homes with the in-home gas detection monitors have had not a single reading of methane, at any level, whilst being monitored 24 hours a day.

‘This is good news and indicates that the extensive mitigation measures Council is currently undertaking, are having a positive effect’, he added.

There are now 300 monitors in 282 homes in the estate, mostly within 200 metres of the landfill.

At street meetings held over the weekend throughout the estate, residents were advised that while the methane situation is still being managed within emergency management arrangements by CFA, the CFA believes that the mitigation works put in place over the last several weeks, including passive venting and increased monitoring, by City of Casey, EPA and CFA, is leading to a reduced risk in the area.