Casey joins third parties in methane leak class action

MEDIA RELEASE: 24 April 2009

Documents were filed in the Supreme Court today by Council’s solicitors joining three parties in the class action against the City of Casey in relation to the Stevensons Road closed landfill methane gas leak.

The third parties are SITA Australia Pty Ltd, LMS Generation Pty Ltd and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)*.

The City of Casey lodged its Defence against the class action on 27 February 2009. The key point of the Defence is that the Council has not been negligent in its management of the closed landfill site and has, at all times, exercised reasonable care and acted on the advice of independent experts.

City of Casey Deputy Mayor Cr Daniel Mulino, who is Acting Mayor, said ‘The City of Casey is defending the class action against it because we believe we have not been negligent in either managing the landfill site or addressing the issue of gas migrating into the neighbouring estate’.

Council has always based its decisions on expert independent advice and worked closely with the EPA and its accredited auditors.

For more information please refer to the Summary of Third Party Claims by Maddocks (27kb).