Media Update - Stevensons Road closed landfill

Media update - 22 September 2008

The following is the latest information as at 4.30pm today:

  • CFA has advised that more than 340 homes have now been tested for the presence of methane gas. There have been no methane readings in the last 24 hours but one false alarm.
  • In addition to the in-home gas monitoring program, the City of Casey is monitoring 135 storm water pits and 95 electrical pits weekly. 39 landfill gas bores, 25 of which are located in the adjacent residential area, are also monitored on a weekly basis.
  • DHS has advised Council that 10 families have temporarily relocated from their homes in the neighbouring estate.
  • As a precautionary measure, the City of Casey has introduced a program of installing roof cowls, commonly known as whirligigs, to some properties in the neighbouring estate to provide enhanced ventilation. The initial focus is on houses with tin roofs and the Council’s Building Services Department is approaching residents of homes to discuss the potential for this ventilation work.
  • The City of Casey is commencing a number of works this week including installing a passive venting system in areas which have shown increased levels of gas in, or around, pits and gas bores. A mobile gas extraction unit will also be used as required to actively extract any gas. These works will involve temporary excavation to the bottom of the utility service line as well as adjacent to gas monitoring bores. A vertical slotted pipe will be installed in these excavations to allow for passive and/or active venting of any gas.
  • To help Council understand where the gas may be surfacing in the neighbouring residential estate, Council will also conduct a vegetation survey to identify signs of gas scorch on lawns and plants. A further gas survey will also be done using a portable gas probe which can detect gas emitting from the surface.