Council purchases Brookland Greens residence

MEDIA RELEASE: 22 October 2010

The City of Casey has purchased a residence at Brookland Greens estate in Cranbourne, the site which was the catalyst for the CFA, on advice from the EPA, calling an emergency in 2008, following methane gas being found in a wall cavity.

City of Casey Manager Waste Management Michael Jansen said the particular property was unique in that it alone had triggered the majority of methane alarm events.

In-home air quality monitors are set to alarm at 1% methane (to 99% air).

‘As the monitor had triggered on a number of occasions at this particular property due to the presence of remnant methane trapped under the ground, the EPA issued a Clean Up Notice which required Council to undertake additional mitigation works to extract methane from the ground and ensure that all possible methane pathways are secured’, said Mr Jansen.

Due to the inconvenience expected to be caused by the works, Council offered the property owners alternative accommodation for the duration of the works, paid for by Council, which they accepted.

Mr Jansen said the property is unlike any other in the estate, including homes adjacent to it, and it is the unique circumstances of the property that led to Council purchasing it.

Following finalisation of works and a period of monitoring at the property in accordance with the Clean Up Notice issued by the EPA, the property will be leased for residential occupation.