Deeper wall: Like Retrofitting a Liner

MEDIA RELEASE: 20 February 2009

On Tuesday night, the City of Casey approved the expenditure of more than $11 million to construct a deep wall along the western boundary of the Stevensons Road closed landfill as part of ongoing work to reduce the migration of methane from the site.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said the wall would significantly reduce the risk of methane escaping from the site.

‘This is a vital step towards a final solution for residents. This approach is like retrofitting a liner in the landfill. The wall will be 830 metres long, half a metre wide and up to 35 metres deep and will cost more than $11 million,’ said Cr Ablett.

‘Council has already installed more than 146 gas/leachate extraction and monitoring wells on the site which, for its size, is more than on any other landfill site in Australia. The installation of the wall will dramatically reduce the risk of further methane escaping into homes in the neighbouring estate.’

Installation of the wall is in addition to substantial work that the Council has already undertaken on the site and in the adjacent Brookland Greens estate.

The installation of the wall is expected to commence in the next two weeks and is scheduled for completion by July this year. The construction method will require specialised equipment due to the proximity of housing to the construction site. Council has chosen a construction method to minimise impact of noise, vibration, dust and odour.

EPA Chairman Mick Bourke said that EPA welcomed Council’s news that it is about to construct a deep wall at the landfill to inhibit methane movement into Brookland Greens as an important step towards the permanent solution.