Clean bill of health for Brookland Greens Homes

MEDIA RELEASE: 18 July 2008

Last night, the teams from Casey Council and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) completed their visits to homes in the Brookland Greens Estate and all homes were issued with a clean bill of health.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Janet Halsall said Council was pleased with the results.

“The results show that Council’s efforts during the last two years have been effective in managing the landfill gas emissions coming from the Stevensons Road Landfill.

“The key point to understand is that the level of emissions coming from the landfill hasn’t suddenly changed. What has changed, and caused our teams to visit the homes, is the EPA's new position on acceptable methane gas levels in residential areas which was reduced significantly from 2.5% to 1%, last week,” said Cr Halsall.

The City of Casey will continue its restoration and monitoring program for the site with additional drilling and monitoring as required to ensure gas levels are maintained at an acceptable level. A community information session will be held later in July.