Media Update - Stevensons Road closed landfill

MEDIA UPDATE: 16 September 2008

The City of Casey has today confirmed a number of immediate measures that will be put in place to mitigate the risk of methane gas from the Stevensons Road closed landfill.

These works include:

  • Horizontal gas bores will be drilled underground along the boundary of the closed landfill site. The horizontal lines will be spaced 5m apart down to the bottom of the landfill. Where gas is found underground it will be pumped back into the gas flares or filter on the landfill site, and help prevent the gas moving off into the surrounding area.
  • Installing a cut-off trench on the western boundary of the closed landfill. The trench will be dug down to the water table, backfilled with gravel, gas bores installed and finished with a plastic barrier on top. The trench will capture the gas leaving the site above the water table. Unfortunately when the trench is being dug, a strong odour will be present in the air for a period of time; however, this is not explosive.
  • On identification of further areas in the neighbouring residential area where the landfill gas is coming to the surface, bores and trenches will be dug, vents installed and then the trenches backfilled with gravel. The trenches and bores will provide a preferred path for the gas to come out into the open air. The drilling works for the bores and testing of the ground in the estate has already begun.

In addition to the above immediate actions, works are continuing to further improve the amount of gas captured on site and Council is continuing its planning with the EPA and expert consultants on major works required in the longer term to solve the problem completely.

The following is the latest information as at 2pm today:

  • CFA has advised Council that as at last night there were no reading of methane gas. There have now been no methane gas readings in homes in the last 48 hours.
  • As at 16 September, 29 households had relocated (same as at 15 September).