Casey Waives Rates for 12 months for Brookland Greens residents

MEDIA RELEASE: 16 September 2008

The City of Casey tonight resolved to waive rates for 12 months for residents of the Brookland Greens estate, adjacent to the Stevensons Road closed landfill.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Janet Halsall said ‘I am pleased to announce that this evening Council unanimously resolved to support a waiver of this year's rates for all Brookland Greens properties.

‘Council is committed to assisting the residents through this difficult time and this is one tangible way we can give support.
‘Residents are understandably concerned at their property values as a result of the current situation and easing the rates burden for at least 12 months will go some way towards helping ease their financial pressure.’

A notice of Council’s intention will be given shortly as required by the Local Government Act. Further waivers will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Further information on the Stevensons Road closed landfill.