Council undertakes further works at Stevensons Road Landfill

MEDIA RELEASE – 16 July 2008

The City of Casey is stepping up its restoration works at the closed Stevensons Road landfill site following concern that gas continues to migrate from the site into the neighbouring residential area and following a recent change in the Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) position in relation to acceptable levels of gas in residential areas.

The Stevensons Road Landfill operated between June 1996 and June 2005 as a municipal tip for the Casey and Frankston Councils under an EPA licence. Since its closure in 2005, the City of Casey has worked in partnership the City of Frankston and EPA to manage and rehabilitate the site, which will eventually become public parkland.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Janet Halsall explained that ‘The two councils and the EPA are concerned that gas produced from the closed landfill is travelling underground through the soil and has been detected in some areas within the neighbouring Brookland Greens Estate.

‘Under direction of the EPA and using specialist consultants including an EPA-approved auditor, the City of Casey has put in place a rigorous management and monitoring program aimed at minimising odours and to mitigate gas escaping from the site.

Some of the measures Council has put in place include:

  • capping the landfill
  • installing several bores and 60 gas wells to extract the gas and burn it through the flares
  • partial trenching work along the perimeter of the landfill to minimise the landfill gas travelling through soil.

Council has also undertaken a monitoring program involving the installation of monitors in several houses as well as weekly spot checks in other houses.

‘Council will now undertake further works following the recent detection of low levels of methane in three houses and the changes in the EPA’s position’, said Cr Halsall.

‘Between July and September, Council will expand the monitoring program to more houses within Brookland Greens and undertake further drilling of more wells and trenches.

‘Whilst every effort will be made to minimise any noise, dust or gas generated as a result of these works, Council would appreciate the tolerance and understanding of local residents as these works are carried out’, added Cr Halsall.

‘In addition to these works, Council has embarked on an extensive community engagement program with local residents. Council officers and EPA representatives are personally visiting many households in Brookland Greens to deliver an information kit and details of a forthcoming information session. Households not visited in person will also receive the information kit.’

If local residents have any questions regarding the Stevensons Road landfill or if they are concerned that gas may be present in their homes they should contact the City of Casey on 9705 5200.