Stevensons Road closed landfill update

MEDIA UPDATE: 14 September 2008

The City of Casey’s primary focus continues to be the wellbeing of the community and ensuring that all neighbouring residents of the Stevensons Road closed landfill have the support and advice they need to manage their decision about whether they wish to stay in their homes or temporarily relocate.

Council is working with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to support people who want to temporarily relocate and, with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Country Fire Authority (CFA), to assist those who are staying by increasing the level of monitoring and venting.

The following is the latest information:

  • 20 families have now relocated;
  • 19 were paid temporary assistance grants (up to $1050) by DHS. 
  • 4 families have been assessed by Council for Emergency Accommodation Grants (up to $8650).
  • The CFA is continuing atmospheric monitoring of households on request; returning to houses already tested and visiting others that have not yet been tested.
  • CFA has advised Council today that no significant readings of gas were recorded overnight.