City of Casey statement regarding class action mediation associated with the Stevensons Road closed landfill

MEDIA RELEASE: 10 September 2010

The class action mediation proceedings associated with the Stevensons Road closed landfill will be rescheduled to continue later in the month.

The mediation was conducted this week on 8-9 September.

‘While the details of the mediation are legally confidential, the City of Casey’s position, that a range of parties contributed to the situation, remains firm’, said City of Casey Mayor Cr Lorraine Wreford.

Yesterday it was two years since an emergency was called by the CFA, on advice of the EPA. The emergency, which lasted 7 weeks, not only had an impact on the local residents, but the resultant world-wide media attention over a prolonged period of time also impacted on the wider Cranbourne community.

‘The Stevensons Road closed landfill issue highlights the very serious ramifications that can occur as a result of poor land use decisions and the failure of the State’s environmental regulator to adequately discharge its regulatory functions’, said Cr Wreford.

The City of Casey has spent approximately $42 million on rehabilitating and monitoring the landfill over the past 18 months, including building an $11 million deep wall around the northern and western boundaries of the site.

‘Council will continue to undertake a comprehensive works and monitoring program, both on the site and within the estate.

‘We are committed to continuing these landfill remediation works and our support of the residents of Brookland Greens estate through regular newsletters and facilitation of the Community Reference Group, established by Council in October 2008.

‘The City of Casey is hopeful of a resolution at the mediation proceedings’, she added.