Community Reference Group sets its direction


The Brookland Greens Community Reference Group met for the second time last night and set in place a plan to help restore community confidence and spirit to the residents of the neighbouring estate to the Stevensons Road closed landfill.

Thirty-one residents attended the meeting and decided on the working group’s core aims and governance structure including membership, frequency of meetings, chairmanship and decision-making process. It also established a sub-committee of 10 people who will work with Council to develop a Community Support Plan that will help guide support services for the local community during the recovery phase, which will commence once the CFA announces that the current emergency status no longer exists.

The group decided that it would keep its membership base flexible to allow the current 30+ members to attend meetings as they are able, and that meetings would be conducted fortnightly. The group requested that the City of Casey continue to chair meetings for the time being and support it by taking and distributing the minutes, recording questions raised so that answers can be compiled and brought back to the group, keeping an issues register for follow up, and taking the group’s ideas forward for consideration and possible resourcing by the Council.

The group agreed that its core aim is to establish a community committee to actively participate in decision-making and information exchange on issues relating to:

  • works at the Stevensons Road closed landfill site
  • community safety
  • future community life revolving within the Brookland Greens Estate.

Further ideas put forward at the meeting include:

  • Establish a website for the Brookland Greens community.
  • Build a walkway and car park at the end of Cherry Hills Drive so that residents from
  • all parts of Cranbourne can visit and have convenient access to the neighbouring
  • Royal Botanic Gardens –Cranbourne.
  • Let children decorate at Christmas time the white plastic pipes that have been
  • installed in the naturestrips to ventilate methane gas.
  • Invite the media to a community BBQ so they can write a positive story about the estate.

At the group’s inaugural meeting held on 1 October, being educated on the gas problem was highlighted as a major priority for the members. To this end, Casey’s Team Leader Environment Michael Jansen gave a one-hour presentation on the latest works on site and in the estate, to give members a better understanding of Council’s short-term mitigation works to help halt the gas migration.

An information sheet with answers to questions raised at the inaugural meeting was also distributed.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Janet Halsall said Council was committed to listening to the views, concerns and ideas of the community reference group as a way of rebuilding the Brookland Greens community.

‘Council is facilitating the Community Reference Group through its community planning team, which already works with several local communities across the municipality, including Cranbourne, based on a community development model. This approach works from the ground up. Rather than directing how things will be, Council officers support the community to bring its own ideas to fruition’, explained the Mayor.

‘Where appropriate, the good ideas being generated by the Community Reference Group will be linked with the actions being implemented as part of the Cranbourne Community Action Plan, which outlines a vision and key actions for the future for the broader Cranbourne community. There is already such wonderful work being done at the grass roots level in Cranbourne and we will build on this energy and local effort for the benefit of the entire suburb.’

Further information on the Stevensons Road closed landfill Community Reference Group.