Intersection Upgrade - Greaves Road & Berwick Springs Promenade

Issued Thursday 15 June 2017

Team11 Bid
An artists' rendition of the upgraded roundabout.

Application for Planning Permit PlnA00169/17 has been received as for the upgrade of the roundabout at the intersection of Greaves Road and Berwick-Springs Promenade / Ward Road extension. The roundabout is a strategic infrastructure item identified in the Berwick Waterways Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan. The upgraded roundabout will help to:

  • Facilitate safe and efficient movement of vehicles along Greaves Road as well as to and from Berwick Springs Promenade / the Ward Road Extension now and into the future.
  • Provide for Pedestrian Operated Signals which will provide safe pedestrian links between land on the north side of Greaves Road and the Melbourne Water wetlands and parkland on the south side of Greaves Road.
  • To provide for generally improved vehicle, cycle and pedestrian links between the south side of Greaves Road and land to the north of the Hallam Valley Contour Drain.

Residents can visit the Casey Conversations webpage for more information.