National Nightmare Commute Day

Issued Friday 8 September 2017


Fed up commuters prepare for your chance to unleash your frustrations as National Nightmare Commute Day fast approaches.

The event will give a voice – and a hashtag – to the timewasting experienced by nearly five million Australians living in our fast-growing outer suburbs.

Next Thursday 14 September, train goers, drivers, riders and other commuters will get a chance to demonstrate the battle they face getting to work or school each day as a direct result of years of neglect in transport infrastructure by successive state governments.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Sam Aziz, the state spokesperson for the cause, said that on National Nightmare Commute Day, local residents can use the hashtag, #nightmarecommute on social media to share their stories of traffic jams, inadequate parking, crowded public transport and wasted hours getting to and from work or study each day.

He urged the State Government to Commit to Casey, like thousands of new residents do each year.

“Five million Australians live in fast-growing outer suburbs across Australia, such as Cranbourne East, Narre Warren and Berwick,” Cr Aziz said.

“The roads they use were never intended to carry the huge volume of cars they now do.

“Too many families spend too much time stuck on Casey’s roads each day when all they want is to get where they need to be, safer and sooner.

“It means residents in these growing communities will spend up to 800 hours every year commuting on the crowded Pakenham and Cranbourne train lines, or sit in bottlenecks on the Monash Freeway.

“On 14 September, once you get to work, school or university, tell us how long it took by using #nightmarecommute on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.”

Cr Aziz said he hopes that the Casey community rally behind the cause.

“We want to be able to show that our residents – like millions across Australia – face a long and frustrating journey every day, and we want to be able to work with the government to find a way to end that frustration,” he said.

“Politicians need to listen and act when we ask them to fix congested roads or build new ones, extend train lines or add extra services, increase car parking at train stations, and create jobs closer to home – so that people don’t have to face a nightmare commute at all.

“Issues such as congestion along Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road and much needed upgrades to the South Gippsland Freeway and the Monash Freeway are all problems Council is aware of, but we need your help to lobby the State Government to provide funding to fix these issues and alleviate the pressure we know you as commuters face each day.”

Research undertaken by the National Growth Areas Alliance, which convenes National Nightmare Commute Day, shows there is a $50 billion backlog in roads, rail and health facilities in fast-growing outer suburbs.

In the last five years, those areas accommodated 35 per cent of Australia’s population growth, but only received 13 per cent of Federal Government investment in infrastructure.
Member Councils of the National Growth Areas Alliance are calling for dedicated policies and funding from the Federal Government to address the needs of the fast-growing outer suburbs.

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