Andrews Govt must catch up, then keep up on infrastructure

Issued Wednesday 1 March 2017


The City of Casey has called on the Victorian Government to unlock billions of dollars in desperately needed infrastructure for existing residents following its commitment yesterday to provide services and infrastructure to new suburbs in Melbourne’s growth areas.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Sam Aziz said while he cautiously welcomed the announcement, the Government had yet to catch up on infrastructure for existing suburbs.

“We welcome the Government’s promise to provide infrastructure for future suburbs, but clearing the backlog of an estimated $4.5 billion dollars in transport infrastructure for existing residents should come first,” Cr Aziz said.

“Investment in road and rail infrastructure has fallen well behind the western and northern suburbs despite 70% of residents travelling outside Casey every day for work.

“The Andrews’ Government needs to catch up - then keep up.”

Extension of the Cranbourne railway line to Clyde and upgrades of major arterial roads across the municipality were just some of the projects crying out for funding, Cr Aziz said.

“We are the largest municipality in the state and growing. Casey will be home to more than half a million residents in 25 years – more than the current population of Tasmania.”

Council had worked with the Victorian Planning Authority since 2010 on the two proposed new suburbs – with construction already booming around Clyde and Berwick now.

“Almost 10 thousand new residents arrive in Casey every year with more than 4,000 new homes built,” Cr Aziz said.

“It’s curious that on the one hand the Andrews’ Government seems to be acknowledging the significant pressures on growth communities, but on the other robbing residents of vital Council infrastructure through rate capping. Casey residents are likely to have around $180 million less in local infrastructure by 2028 than what Council had planned on delivering prior to the introduction of the rate cap.”

He said Council would continue to pressure the State and Federal governments to deliver infrastructure Casey residents deserved.

State Government transport projects awaiting funding include:

  • $1.2b plus for arterial roads
  • Up to $3b for Clyde Rail Extension
  • $50m (10 years) for Bus Service Upgrades