Media Statement: Berwick Dog Attack

Issued Monday 5 March 2018

Acting on a request from Victoria Police two City of Casey Local Laws Officers attended a property at Skyline Way, Berwick at 8.30 pm on Sunday 4 March 2018.

It followed reports of a dog attack on a child and has resulted in the seizure of two dogs from the property, which are now being held in Council care.

The dog believed to be responsible for the attack has been identified as a South African Boerboel, while the second dog has been identified as a Bull Mastiff.

Neither dogs were registered with the City of Casey.

Council officers previously attended the property in December 2017 following reports that a dog, which was described as similar to a bull mastiff, acted aggressively towards a woman jogging past the property.

Following an investigation, it was deemed the incident was not serious enough to trigger seizure of the dog.

It is unclear which of the two dogs was involved in the December incident.

Council officers issued four infringements to the dog owner in January and February relating to:

  • Biting a person
  • Allowing a dog to be at large during the night time
  • Failure to apply for registration (two fines for two different dogs)

Council can confirm that the South African Boerboel has been destroyed with the consent of the owner.