Council collects new contract

Issued Monday 2 July 2018


The City of Casey has reached a major milestone with its hard waste services following the appointment of a new contract to WM Waste Management.

The contract will commence in August and Casey will be the first Council to have a full fleet of electronic compactor trucks collecting hard waste.

This addition will allow Council to take a huge leap forward in recycling hard waste items, as well as a massive reduction in materials going to landfill.

Approximately 30 per cent of materials will be recycled compared to a previous rate of around 10 per cent, while an additional 65 per cent will be turned into processed engineered fuel (PEF).

These figures mean only 5 per cent of Casey’s hard waste will now be sent to landfill.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said this is a huge step forward for Council and the movement away from landfill will revolutionise the way Council manages its waste.

"This move will achieve huge environmental outcomes for the City of Casey," he said.

"The processed engineered fuel made from hard waste materials will be used in cement kilns as a replacement for fossil fuels, which is a fantastic outcome.

"While our new contract will be effective from the beginning of August, the new machinery is expected to be rolled out in January 2019."

The City of Casey will also look at alternatives to landfill by exploring higher technology as part of its regular kerbside bin collections.

Casey residents can book up to two hard rubbish collections per property each year and should contact Council to arrange a time. Items collected include materials such as mattresses and bases, car tyres, electrical appliances and furniture.

Council urges residents to report illegally dumped rubbish, including items dumped on your existing hard waste pile.

To contact Council phone 9705 5200 or visit the Residential Waste webpage for more information.