Narre Warren South Customer Service Centre set to close

Issued Friday 20 October 2017

The City of Casey resolved at its meeting on 17 October 2017 to close the Narre Warren South Customer Service Centre effective from the close of business on 29 December 2017.

The decision was made that the centre be closed and the resources utilised to improve service levels across higher volume customer contact channels in line with findings of a recent customer service model review, recommendations from the Casey People’s Panel, and following investigations into the centres current customer volumes.

Currently co-located in the Bendigo Bank at the Amberley Park Shopping Centre, the Narre Warren South Customer Service Centre is within a 10-15 minute drive to both the Narre Warren or Cranbourne Customer Service Centres, both of which are highly accessible by road and public transport.

Alternatively, customers who wish to pay cash can utilise the post office services at either Narre Central and Hampton Park.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Sam Aziz said we have heard from our community and the Casey People’s Panel who want to see Council reviewing services to identify areas that can be delivered more effectively and efficiently, which included our Customer Service Centres.

“While we understand the Narre Warren South Customer Service Centre may be the preferred centre for some of our residents to visit, it is ultimately providing a localised service to only a small proportion of our municipality and therefore is not reflective of a fair and equitable service that is in the best interest of the broader city”, said the Mayor.

“As our resident’s expectations continue to grow and evolve, it is vital that we take a holistic approach to improving the customer experience across all contact channels.

“This holistic approach is evident in our commitment and investment into the Digital Casey Strategy, which has now seen 16 services transferred to an online option, allowing our residents to complete their transactions at a time that is more convenient for them.

“To help form our decision, a customer survey was undertaken with users of the Narre Warren South Customer Service Centre to better understand the needs and reasons of residents in choosing to visit this centre over the others located just a short distance away in Narre Warren and Cranbourne.

“While there will be some small savings for Council as a result of closing the centre, the real savings will come through a more efficient allocation of staffing resources to our higher volume channels such as telephone and other service centres.”