Proactive Partnership Promotes Bike Safety

Issued Wednesday 28 June 2017

Bike safety1.jpg  

Have you noticed some unusual looking bikes throughout the City of Casey and wondered what they’re all about?

These bicycles are part of a joint campaign between Casey and VicRoads to alert cyclists of road rules regarding pedestrian’s right of way, and shared footpaths.

The green bikes, which you may have seen along High Street in Berwick or Casey Field’s in Cranbourne contain messages including ‘slow down’ and ‘give way’, and are part of an overall effort to boost road rules awareness, and encourage respectful behaviour.

Council is working with VicRoads to encourage safe speeds on footpaths as well as encourage riders to warn pedestrians when they’re approaching, either verbally or through a warning bell.

It’s hoped these promotional bikes will help people to avoid fines of up to $465.

Casey has more than 230 kilometres of shared pedestrian and cycle paths meaning all residents must be aware of each other when in use.

For more information regarding bike safety or the joint campaign, contact Council at 9705 5200.