Applying for a position

The City of Casey is committed to the protection of your privacy. Applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Details contained in your application will not be conveyed to any person not directly connected with processing your application withour your express permission.

Step 1: Online Applications

Once you have read the Position Description and you feel that you meet the Key Selection Criteria, you can apply for the position via the website using our 'Apply Online' form. This is the City of Casey's preferred method of receiving applications.

Applications can also be received via email to We accept applications in Word and PDF formats. Microsoft Works, Word Perfect and any other file format are not accepted.

Please ensure you attached a copy of your resume, cover letter and documentation addressing the Key Selection Criteria as outlined in the Position Description.

What does 'Address the Key Selection Criteria' mean?

This means to write a short response to each criteria outlined in the Position Description. This can be a separate document as part of your application.

Step 2: Application Acknowledgement

All applications will be acknowledged by email.

Step 3: Selection Process and General Time Frame

Following the nominated closing date, we generally take two weeks to prepare a short listing of candidates for an interview. Candidates who are short listed will be contacted by telephone to arrange an interview time. The remaining candidates will unfortunately not be contacted, therefore by not receiving a phone call, you have  been unsuccessful with your application on this occasion.

Step 4: Interview Process

Should you be selected for an interview, among the questions asked will be a variety of behavioural based questions. When answering these questions, the examples you provide should relate to what you have actually done in specific situations. You will need to tell the panel:

  1. What was the situation or task
  2. What did you do
  3. What was the outcome

It is important that you do not respond to these questions by telling the panel what the organisation or the team did, or general comments on what you would do.