Complaint handling procedure

Responding to Your Concerns - Council’s Complaint Handling Procedure

Let us know if you have any concerns

The City of Casey is committed to providing a Complaint Handling Procedure that reflects the needs, expectations, and rights of customers. The following Complaint Handling Procedure provides a framework to ensure your concerns and complaints are addressed promptly and fairly with outcomes which will assist Council to improve its services for the future.

For some issues, complaints and appeals are governed by other processes outside the jurisdiction of Council. Where this is the case, you will be referred to the appropriate process or authority. This includes decisions and processes relating to:

  • Privacy and health records
  • Freedom of Information
  • Protected disclosures
  • Decisions made under legislation which provides for separate avenues of appeal (e.g. decisions made under the Building Act, Planning Environment Act, Infringement Act and Valuation Land Act).
  • Decisions made at Council and Special Committee meetings
  • Complaints against Councillors

Who do you talk to first?

If you feel a mistake has been made or you are not satisfied with the standard of service provided, it is best to direct your initial enquiry to Customer Service who will attempt to resolve your concerns as a matter of priority.

Customer Service will provide advice and where required, refer you to the relevant department. Complaints can be submitted via the feedback form, email, post, in person, or over the phone.

What if the matter still cannot be resolved?

If you are still not satisfied after the responsible department has attempted to address your concerns, you have the right to request that the departmental Manager review the issue.

An initial response to your complaint will be provided in line with response times outlined in our Customer Service Charter.  The response will include the expected timeframe for resolution of your complaint.

The department Manager will investigate your complaint and contact you with a resolution within 28 days. If this is not possible due to the complexity of the complaint or circumstances outside our control, this will be explained to you and you will be provided with an expected timeframe.

Your right to appeal to the Internal Ombudsman

If you feel your concerns have not been adequately addressed by the relevant Manager, you may elect to have your complaint reviewed by the Internal Ombudsman.

The Internal Ombudsman will undertake an internal review into the way Council officers have handled your concerns. A request for the Internal Ombudsman to conduct an internal review must be in writing.

This request must contain full details of the complaint, including the cause and reason why you are dissatisfied with the way it has been handled by the relevant Manager. The Internal Ombudsman will acknowledge your request within 10 working days and notify you of any further information or clarification required.

The matter will then be investigated and recommendations provided to the Chief Executive Officer, who will advise you in writing of the outcome of the internal review within 28 days of the receipt of further information or clarification.

If this is not possible due to the complexity of the complaint or circumstances outside our control, this will be explained to you and you will be provided with an expected timeframe.

External Review

If the concerns cannot be resolved to your satisfaction through Council’s Complaint Handling Procedure or at any stage, you may refer the matter to the Victorian Ombudsman, who can be contacted on 9613 6222.

Who to contact

If you are dissatisfied with the manner in which a service has been delivered or a matter dealt with, please contact Customer Service on 9705 5200 who will be able to register your concerns or re-direct you to the appropriate area for assistance.