Lindsay King Arts Award

The Lindsay King Arts Award is Casey’s most prestigious award for the arts, recognising people whose initiatives have made a significant contribution to the arts in Casey.

Established in 2007, the award was named in memory of Cranbourne resident Lindsay King, whose vigorous commitment to the arts and passion for local history, tourism and culture made a positive impact on the community in Casey. 


Eligibility for a Lindsay King Arts Award nomination include:

  • Being a current or previous member of an arts organisation or group servicing residents in the City of Casey.
  • Being an individual who provides their expertise to further the development of the arts in Casey. The period of time, level of commitment and the positive impact the nominee has had on the arts in Casey is considered. 
  • Awarded to individuals only – no self or group nominations are permitted. Previous winners of the Lindsay King Arts Award are ineligible.

2016 Lindsay King Arts Award Winner

The winner of the 2016 Lindsay King Arts Award is Sharon Start.

Sharon Start was nominated for her performance skills, charity arts programming work and as a community based choir conductor. She has been a foundation member of multiple Casey based choir groups and has taught music and choreography as a performing arts teacher in primary schools in Cranbourne West and Clyde for over thirty years.

Past winners

  • 2015: Revati Ilanko and Gregory Marks (joint winners)
  • 2014: Di Lockwood
  • 2013: Jenny and Neil Toyne, and Jennifer Koch
  • 2012: Anne Aitkin and Jean Heriot
  • 2011:Donna Dowler and Janet Matthews
  • 2010: Jenny Black and John Miller
  • 2009: Anthony Purcell and Max Hunter
  • 2008: Frederick Eliot and Ed Price
  • 2007: Susan Bergman and George Stevens

Note that prior to 2014 the award was given in two streams - 'Performing Arts' and 'Visual Arts'.