Community consultation

The City of Casey is committed to community consultation as a way of ensuring Council provides services and programs in line with the needs and preferences of the community. Council’s community consultation program allows people to become involved in Council’s decision-making processes so they can help shape decisions that affect them and their community.

Examples of community consultation include asking the community for feedback on Council policies, service delivery performance or involving the community in the progress or review of specific projects or developments.

For more information, please refer to Council’s Community Engagement Strategy.

Casey Conversations

Casey Conversations hosts a number of community conversations where residents can ask questions, provide feedback to Council and talk to each other about local issues affecting Casey’s future.

Council will post additional and supporting information in the FAQs and Library sections of each Conversation and encourages all Casey residents to share their views in this moderated forum.

Open consultations

Community Local Law

Casey Community Local Law 2018

View the Proposed Local Law (561kb) and copies of the explanatory Community Impact Statement (378kb).

Any person may make a written submission relating to the Proposed Local Law. All submissions received by Council on or before 27 October 2017 will be considered in accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989.

Any person making a written submission is entitled to request (in the submission itself) to be heard in support of the submission by appearing before a committee of Council, comprising of Councillors and Council staff (either personally or a person acting on his or her behalf). The date, time and location of any submission hearings will be provided to submitters requesting to be heard.  

Submissions should be marked ‘Submission on Proposed Casey Community Local Law 2018’ and sent to Council at City of Casey, PO Box 1000, Narre Warren VIC 3805 or emailed to

27 October 2017

Council's online services

Help us improve how you interact with us online!

We are looking for residents to participate in interviews, workshops and surveys to understand their experience when interacting with Council services online.

Council is committed to delivering services that are customer focused. We want to make sure your online experience is the best it can possibly be, so you have more time to do things you enjoy.

After signing up you will occasionally receive emails from Council when we are looking for people needing to use particular Council services, such as registering pets or booking hard waste collections.

Sign up today and get involved!



Draft Pound and Shrives Road Residential Area Development Plan

The City of Casey has prepared a draft Development Plan for the Pound and Shrives Road Residential Area, Hampton Park

The draft Development Plan proposes residential development and outlines the design and development outcomes to be achieved in the future redevelopment of the site.  

Find out more about the Draft Pound and Shrives Road Residential Area Development Plan and provide your feedback.

31 January 2018
Draft Casey Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan

The Western Port Green Wedge is one of Melbourne’s 12 Green Wedges.  The Green Wedges are generally located on the outskirts of Melbourne outside the urban growth boundary and separate Melbourne’s growth areas.  Green Wedges, unlike parks and open spaces, are active, living areas that include agriculture, areas of environmental significance and lifestyle living.

Find out more about the Draft Casey Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan and provide your feedback.

13 November 2017

Planning Scheme Amendments

List of Planning Scheme Amendments to the Casey Planning Scheme that are on exhibition.



Streets Ahead: Planning for Casey's transport future

During Casey Next and Casey People's Panel, we heard consistently that you want Casey to be a well-connected place and that improved transport is a priority.

Using this information, we have been drafting an Integrated Transport Strategy to guide the long-term planning and delivery of a connected transport network. The draft key objectives of the strategy are:

  • Establish 20-minute neighbourhoods
  • Promote and enhance sustainable transport modes
  • Create an efficient and reliable network
  • Adopt a ‘smart city’ approach to transport planning.

We'd love to hear what you think about these draft objectives, as well as find out what the big transport issues and opportunities are for you in Casey.

Visit Casey Conversations to complete a survey or drop a transport pin on the map where you think transport could be improved.

6 November 2017
Local Traffic Management Program 

The Local Traffic Management program prioritises local roads for traffic calming measures through the annual Capital Works Program such as signage, roundabouts or speed humps, where there are high instances of road safety concerns.

Have your say on Council’s Local Traffic Management program priorities


Closed consultations

View a summary of some of the recently closed community consultations.