Thompsons Road duplication

Thompsons Road forms an important east west connection across the region and is in urgent need of a major upgrade. The road is used by approximately 24,000 vehicles per day, which is well above the volumes that would normally trigger the upgrade of a road with one lane in each direction.

The upgrade of Thompsons Road would provide a much improved connection to East Link, and therefore ease the reliance on the Monash Freeway for some of the 70,000 Casey residents who leave the municipality for work each day. The duplication will also facilitate development of employment land in Cranbourne West and along the emerging Thompsons Road corridor, bringing more local jobs to the region.

Duplication of Thompsons Road will

  • Facilitate development of employment land to support more than 100,000 jobs in Casey and Cardinia
  • Reduce congestion through grade separation of the Cranbourne railway line and improve the overall reliability of the train network
  • Improve safety for motorists, public transport users, local employees, residents and cyclists
  • Improve access to Merinda Park station
  • Minimise the likelihood for arterial road traffic travelling through residential areas
  • Provide an alternative access to the Monash Freeway via East Link

What Casey needs

The Andrews Labor Government to provide an immediate funding commitment to allow delivery to commence on the 2014 Labor Election promise to duplicate Thompsons Road from East Link to Clyde Road; commencing with the upgrade of the Western Port Highway intersection.