Evans Road - South Gippsland Highway intersection upgrade

The intersection of South Gippsland Highway/Hallam Road/Evans Road is a major barrier to Casey’s network connectivity and the safe movement of heavy vehicle traffic to the regional Landfill and Waste Recovery Centre operated by SEITA at Hampton Park.

Turning movements at the intersection are difficult and unsafe, causing delays for commuters and commercial traffic.  The lack of connectivity divides what should be a continuous north-south arterial route linking Cranbourne West and Endeavour Hills.

The intersection upgrade is urgent as a regional landfill site in Clayton is set for closure, transferring hundreds of additional trucks to the Hallam Road landfill site each day and exacerbating the operational issues at the current intersection.

Evans Road remains closed to through traffic due to safety concerns posed by the intersection. This has left the Lynbrook and Lyndhurst communities separated and the developing area of Cranbourne West severed from its industrial counterparts in Hallam to the north.

Upgrade of the intersection will

  • Enhance the connectivity and capacity of the region’s arterial road network
  • Complete a continuous north-south arterial route from Cranbourne West to Endeavour Hills
  • Facilitate the reopening of Evans Road to through traffic, reconnecting Lynbrook and Lyndhurst and enabling improved public transport access
  • Improve access to employment areas and the regional waste facilities located in Hampton Park
  • Provide an alternative route around Thompsons Road during its upgrade

What Casey needs

Upgrade of South Gippsland Highway / Hallam Road / Evans Road intersection, including duplication of Hallam Road north to Ormond Road.