About arterial roads

The City of Casey is calling on the State Government to improve state road infrastructure to accommodate the needs of a rapidly-growing population. Arterial roads serve private motorists, public transport users, cyclists, pedestrians, and freight vehicles.

There is a significant backlog of arterial road duplications, intersection upgrades and other capacity enhancement measures that are needed to reduce congestion on the road network and enable residents to gain better access to their activities within Casey and to employment areas outside Casey.

City of Casey's current top arterial road priorities

The City of Casey has developed a list of arterial road priorities that are reviewed and endorsed by Council each year based on current needs.

Full list of arterial road improvement priorities

Freeway upgrades (east-west capacity improvements)

  • Monash Freeway - Princes Freeway (South Gippsland Freeway merge to Beaconsfield) (F1)

Arterial Road connections

  • Southern Dandenong Bypass extension (South Gippsland Highway to South Gippsland Freeway (RD1)
  • Princes Highway/South Gippsland Freeway interchange (third lane or south to east ramp) (RD2)
  • Cranbourne Bypass (RD3)

Arterial Road duplications/upgrades

  • Thompsons Road (South Gippsland Highway to Western Port Highway) (D1)
  • Hallam Road (Ormond Road to South Gippsland Highway) (D2)
  • Narre Warren Cranbourne Road – Stage 2 (Thompsons Road to South Gippsland Highway) (D3)
  • Hallam Road (Princes Highway to Pound Road) (D4)
  • Narre Warren North Road – Belgrave Hallam Road (Ernst Wanke Road to Heatherton Road) (D5)

Arterial Road intersection upgrades

  • Thompsons Road/Western Port Highway (IU1)
  • South Gippsland Highway/Hallam Road/Evans Road (IU2)
  • Clyde Road/Greaves Road/O'Shea Road (IU3)
  • Hall Road/Western Port Highway (IU4)
  • South Gippsland Highway/Clyde Fiveways Road (IU5)
  • Heatherton Road/Hallam North Road (IU6)
  • Princes Freeway (M1)/Clyde Road (IU7)

Vehicle crossings at Railway Lines

  • Aylmer Road Vehicle Crossing at Railway Line