Safer Casey Campaign

The City of Casey has launched the Safer Casey campaign in response to the crime wave sweeping Casey.

What is the problem?

The escalating crime rate and recent proliferation of burglaries and home invasions in Casey and across the south east has sparked some angst and concern in our city.

Council has previously written to both the Minister for Police and the Chief Commissioner for Police regarding the need to increase police numbers in Casey to address the growing crime rate, with no satisfactory outcome for the Casey community as of yet.

Council was also extremely disappointed to hear of the closure of Endeavour Hills Police Station at evenings on weekends.

What are we asking for?

  • Council is urging the Minister for Police and the Chief Commissioner for Police to increase police resources in Casey to service our growing population
  • Tougher penalties and sentencing for crimes such as aggravated burglaries will not only help put a stop to those committing these crimes but also deter others from doing so.
  • Establishing a joint policing taskforce to combat violent street gangs.
  • Consideration be given to new laws where dual citizens are deported if they commit any crime of violence, in a gang arrangement, that lands them in a jail sentence.

How can you get involved?

This petition is now closed.