Clean Up Your Act Campaign

The City of Casey has launched the Clean Up Your Act advocacy campaign urging the State Government to take action on the removal of graffiti from its infrastructure.

What is the problem?

Graffiti has become a permanent fixture along the major arterials and rail corridors in Casey, and it is time the State Government took action to clean it up.

The City of Casey has a 24-hour removal policy when graffiti is reported on Council-owned property and we believe that other government authorities should be equally vigilant.

Research shows that graffiti attracts copycats and more vandals. If not cleaned quickly graffiti can quickly proliferate. Through its inaction, the State Government is turning a blind eye to vandalism, effectively giving vandals permission to continue.

Since launch of this campaign, the State Government has announced funding of $300,000 for the removal of graffiti on the Monash Freeway. Council thanks the State Government for its commitment and is now continuing its advocacy, focussing on the graffiti along the rail corridor.

What are we asking for?

Council is requesting that the State Government prioritise removing the tags that plague railway bridges owned by VicTrack and maintained by Metro Trains such as the rail overpass at Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road.

How can you get involved?

This petition is currently closed.

To report graffiti on Council infrastructure call 1800 VANDAL (826 325) or email Council will remove graffiti on its property within one working day of receiving the report.