Ward boundaries map

The City of Casey has six wards:

  1. Balla Balla Ward
  2. Edrington Ward
  3. Four Oaks Ward
  4. Mayfield Ward
  5. River Gum Ward
  6. Springfield Ward

You can visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website to view maps of boundaries for all electorates and wards for the whole of Victoria.

Interactive map of Victorian electoral boundaries

The VEC's interactive map of Victoria shows boundaries for:

  • local councils;
  • wards within local councils;
  • State Lower House districts;
  • State Upper House regions; and
  • Federal divisions. 

Melways and VicRoads images can all be turned on and off using the "Build Map" section. Individual addresses can be located using the "Search" tab. The i-info key will return electoral boundary attributes for any point clicked on the map.